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It all began in 2012 the year I stepped out of my comfort zone and began the ride of self discovery. I took myself to college and began to work with people through the mode of hairdressing and barbering . 
A lot like Marie Laveau, I noticed that my presence and my words were having an effect on people and I began to open up, to communicate, to find myself through creativity and connection. 

I then began to have a steady awakening and developed healing abilities. I started to channel and received messages of my mission to heal through plant medicines.My path to becoming a medicine woman had began it became clear since I was a child, now it flows forward emerging with power and grace. This beautifully motion of my purpose excites and surprises me still as I grow .

I welcome you to find a trusted authentic guide within me and enable yourself to delve deep into your journey feeling held and supported with Love .

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