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Get the Most out of Life

The Goddess Cacao called for me to work with her and her Elixir of Love and how very blessed I am.

Through ceremony we give our thanks, respect and honour as we work with The Goddess Cacao and our spirits.As I guide you on your inner journey deep in meditation or through the freedom of movement you gain a deeper understanding of self.

All that is needed is a small consultation and I can prescribe the journey that will work for you.

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Guidance & Inspiration

So here you are ....reading this right now.
Congratulations on awakening to your path. You may be at the beginning of your journey feeling slightly lost or you may have been on your path for quite sometime,source has guided you to this moment this point in time.Right here, right now.
I work with spirit in bringing you guidance, and I trust them implicitly.I ask that you trust also.
These sessions can be held one on one or online.

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Get the Most out of Life

Meditation is a great way to quieten the monkey mind and bring yourself into a relaxed state of being .Through Guided meditations we can also use this as a tool to delve deep into the psyche.

Whether it's journeying through drumming or being guided by my voice , by the end of the session you will feel relaxed , gained some clarity and leave feeling like you've released some negative energy .

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Purple Smoke


Guidance & Inspiration

Every day life and past traumas has a habit of leaving energetic debris within our auric field and spirit .
Regular cleansing is a must that our healing journeys should include, as a form of self love and self healing.

Shamanic cleansing allows for the smudging to be taken deeper within your intention. I work alongside my ancestors to attune to your frequency to provide the cleansing you require .

Sound and an array of smudges provide a choice of tools I'm guided towards, to begin to release that which no longer serves you. 
The cleansing ceremony can be facilitated online.

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Embrace Life’s Challenges

'Healing' the ability to restore to make whole again.When I first encountered healing it was a physical act , I was able to help pain and relieve the stress it was causing to a person. Little did I know that the physical was entwined together energetically with the invisible, the spirit body.
Our emotions are the bridge to who we are and by working with these blocks we hold within us, we begin to remove and uncover the beauty that resides within us. 
I offer a wide range of healing techniques working as a conduit for the healing you provide for yourself.From hands on to remote healing, spirit guides me to your personal individual attunement.

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Do you feel the call within ?

The ancestors blessed me with the sacred act of being of service as a womb shaman.. Embodying the Priestess lineage that runs through my veins I am able to connect with the cosmos in providing healing.Our energetic wombs are carried by us all from the moment we are all feminine before sex is decided this portal of creation holds our power within .
As modern society looks to rise our energy to the top we forget about how this portal stores trauma , ancestral patterns , limiting beliefs , stagnant energies and leaves us disempowered.How can we connect to the womb of mother earth if we cannot even feel into our own womb.
Moving forward to cleanse the womb is self care and can help to alleviate any feminine ailments you may have . This act of self love goes deeply into helping to heal your ancestral timelines, of all those who came before you and will come after.
The womb shamans were the first shamans and we are here to guide you back to your true power. 
If called upon I also work with infertility, this can be bringing peace to self through releasing grief and pain or working towards creation of life. 

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