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When someone's help, care and compassion lasts way beyond the literal time of the healing session you know you've experienced something very rare indeed. Alexandra's work is exceptional. Her company, her voice, her eyes alone are all powerful healers.  If anyone's thinking of taking steps towards self discovery, or finds themselves in need of insightful guidance I absolutely recommend contacting her.  I feel empowered by the work she has done and, as a result, I can build on that momentum to keep striving towards 'me'. I'm so bloody chuffed I made that choice.  In short, the woman is epic.

Clare Campbell


I have found my spiritual healing with guidance with this extremely gifted healer. When there was darkness and no hope I discovered guidance and belief. Looking into my past and present I’m slowly finding ways to go into the future with some clarity. My hope floats .. thank you.

Shelley wise


I connected with Alexandra online. We’ve never met in person. Easy to talk with and open up to. I explained I was the sole carer, providing palliative care for my mother. 
For years my mother had suffered with gall stones.After many emergency hospital visits last year, it was decided by the consultant that my mother wasn’t well enough for the removal of the gall bladder and one stone was blocking her bowl. The consultant also discovered my mother had an AAA and needed a triple heart bypass.It wasn’t looking good. 
Alexandra listened intently, and worked remotely on my mothers gall stone.This is where I’m mystified. As the following morning my mother passed the blocked gall stone. 
Alexandra knew to leave the heart, but improve the quality of her life, regarding the gall stone and the constant sickness. 
Alexandra worked remotely on my mother last year, and my mother is still pain/sickness free.
I was happy to pay for this alternative medicine, although Alexandra has never sent an invoice. 
Beyond words, my family are forever thankful. We’ve gained borrowed time as a family, with my mother.

Eleanor Perry

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